Pay Rates

At Driver Line, unlike most agencies has a preference to operate with PAYE employees. That way our employees receive paid holidays and where eligable pensions contributions and sickenss pay. We have a unique approach to pay amongst agencies that is transparent and operates on fixed pay scales; we do not offer individual rates.

Typical earnings guides are precisely that and should not be taken as an individual's guaranteed earnings. Rates of pay are paid by the licence category held irrespective of the vehicle driven. The rates detailed below are for our employed staff, another pay scale is in effect for our sub contractors.

PAYE Pay Rates

UK Licence CategoryHourly PayTypical Weekly
B (Van) and C1 (7.5t)£8.21£355
C (Class 2)£9.20£450
C+E (Class 1)£10.65£620

Our PAYE rates apply for the first 8 hours Monday to Friday. Higher pay rates apply to any other time worked (overtime) and all weekend or Bank Holiday working.

Pay Elements

Rates of pay are paid by the licence category held irrespective of the vehicle driven. Note: Every employee basic pay is above the government set minimum wage and a licence category attendance bonuses are applied (tied to driver's licence entitlement and not to the vehcile driven on assignment).

The earnings quoted above are for illustration only and no pay guarantee is implied unless your contract of employment specifically guarantees that. Illustrated rates exclude any allowances or expenses paid or reimbursed by the company but do include a driving, licence bonus (dependent upon you retaining the entitlement to a specific licence category). Holiday pay allowance is accrued into a personal holiday fund. 

The National minimum wage effective 1st April 2019 is £8.21/hr. 

Workplace Pension

Employee Contribution
Employer Contribution
April 2019
Contributions are taken from the normal pay and holiday pay. Bonus payments and overtime is excluded
NEST pensions are set up for all qualifying staff and appropriate contributions from both the company and employee are set by the government based upon normal daily earnings (before overtime).It is up to the individual whether they remain in the scheme or opt of of the workplace pension. 

The payments have been phased in over 3 years and 2019/20 is the final year of implimentation. The rates now in force will only change in future should there be regulation changes introduced by the Government..

Employee benefits

Individuals who complete over 100 working days in any calendar year are eligble to receive financial support towards CPC training cost and also workware replacement.

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