Drivers Are Our Business

Our company operations are centred on Shrewsbury in Shropshire and Wolverhampton in the West Midlands. At Driver Line, we cater for all category licence holders whether seeking regular or part time driving opportunities. Our workers are selected on the basis of their professionalism and enthusiasm enabling us to deliver industry beating levels of dependability and reliability.

At Driver Line we operate as a preference PAYE payroll in-house though we also accept sub-contract workers emplyed via a third party Limited company. 

Our company facebook page acts as a compliment to this web site providing dynamic real and near term information relating open job placements and as it happens news or incoming employment legislation. You do not need to be a facebook user to view the Driver Line facebook page and keep up to date with company news and open job placements as they appear.

Site last update 13th September 2017

NOTE - Employees eligible for paid CPC refresher days need to arrange those and attend the training day before the end of the year. Check with the office if you are unsure if you are eligible to receive the training funding provided by Driver Line.

2018 Minimum Pay Guarantee contracts

Every year we have a fresh intake of HGV drivers under our minimum pay guarantee contracts that ensure a minimum wage with any shortfall made up to £1,650 a month.

​These contracts can start at any period from the beginning of May through to November when they will lapse to a standard contract, or be extended on an evergreen basis or a full time permanent contract offered which carries bonuses tied to profit share and additional allowances.


​Complete our on-line application form to register your application to become a Driver Line driver.


View a list of vacancies and general driving job summaries. Available, real time jobs are continually posted on our facebook page.


Rates of pay apply to your licence category, irrespective of vehicle assigned.